: 05 June 2017

Goals for the website is to share; public allowable research and activities done at and expand into replicable researched and presentable information not connected to activities.

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Disclaimer: originates from the U.S., is currently based in the U.S., and since its creation in 1993 (as Fort Blatherskite) has originating ties to the U.S. Federal govt. with goals in infrastructure information desemination research and military strategic training. also has long standing non-aggression and benevolent pacts towards both governments of France and Australia, and their peoples. Benevolent research exists involving the peoples of Sweden and the Netherlands. Non-aggression and long term benevolent strengthening aims exists towards peoples of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa. As of 2016 research towards Philippines is restricted to benevolent leanings / or at least be balanced to always include a benevolent solution as the primary. And research is still active in continued internal strengthening of Bulgaria and Romania, and examining activities around the Black sea.

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