Yay finally something got working. I still will have to put together a template but got a video game play (StarWars BattleFront ons (X-Box version) - single player vs bots done that actually looks somewhat okay (in terms of viewability ie not blurry not taken from a camera on a tv that has too much green hue) heh.. Anyway I'll have to do come up with a quick template design to do a simple write up on how I did it (gear and process wise). And I still have to upload the video on my YouTube channel 'blathdotcom'(yeah I'm bad at names). It will be entitled somewhat along the lines as "Six shot one kill sniper" or something like that. "Six shot one kill" is something from back when I was in uniform during an overnight training session. Which I know is bad but hey.. he didn't realize I was right in front and almost under him till after my first few shots. ^_^ - Klint aka blathdotcom (at least on Youtube) blath on Xbox Live - 25 May 2012

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